Some Things I Love #16

I've been really slack with blog reading and reading anything else really this week as I've been entertained by two friends via WhatsApp everynight. It's been quite nice to just have time away from my laptop and to be distracted away from blogging for a few evenings. I needed that time away and for some "girly" chats and reading their hilarious messages have made me feeling like a giggly teen again.

I went to the theatre to see 12 Angry Men on Wednesday with my mum. It was really good, other than the scrunchy sweet wrapper people nearby, why do people really feel the need to eat eat eat at the theatre?!! 
The cast was fantastic with Martin Shaw, Nick Moran and Robert Vaugn. All of the actors were amazing though and the staging was fantastic.

 We had a date day last week and I finally wore my new knee high boots. I love them. I teamed them with my Joules jumper dress, thick black tights, my Joules coat and my birthday pearls.

I was listening to KISStory in the car on Thursday and was SO excited when they played this song. It reminded me of years ago when I would listen to TQ's album on repeat every day.

My zoo season ticket. The boys managed to lose my card recently, thankfully I knew it was in the playroom *SOMEWHERE* and after emptying a few boxes I found it again and made the most of it with Harry the following day. It was nice to let him walk around and not keep him confined to the pushchair.

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