The Ordinary Moments #8

Part of why our holiday this year was so special and so amazing was that we were able to let our children be children.
We were able to set them free, they discovered the surroundings and got dirty every single day (I knew there was a reason I packed 20 tshirts and 11 trousers/shorts each).

Charles absolutely amazed us. We took his bike and hired some there for us along with a trailor with one bike and a seat with the other so we could transport Harry, as well as the various bags we took.
Charles biked everywhere. His little legs worked hard up the hills, and relaxed down them as he let the wheels roll by themselves. He went fast, he went slow, he dodged other people as well as the goats which has somehow ran free from their pen, he fell off twice but got back on.
He would get off and push if it all got too much. He would lock his bike up everyday, looking for the perfect place to park it.
He would wear his helmet with no fuss.
He biked in the dark, he biked in the light, he biked on the tarmac, on the rough soily, stoney, leafy ground.
He attemped biking up and down hills like the big boys.
He didn't complain about biking once. He complained about NOT biking.
He did us so very proud.
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