The Ordinary Moments #9

Another holiday post from me.
On the Wednesday or Thursday, I can't quite remember now, we had a day for just the 4 of us away from the other group we had gone with. We just wanted that time to connect and to be together with no distractions.
After we had been out on a pedalo my husband suggested a beer. I wasn't going to turn down a Belgian beer so with two of those ordered, and a couple of juices for the boys, we sat in the sports hall.
This was quite close to our villa and we only visited once, mainly because we are not sporty so had no reason to go there. The hall was pretty much empty so we let the boys do what they wanted.
They were hardly going to sit and wait patiently for us to drink our beautiful big beers now were they?!

We would usually make them stay next to us so as to not upset or annoy anyone else, but I think there is a much more relaxed attitude towards children when abroad than back in the UK. I think in the UK people in general have a lot less tolerance and acceptance for children being children than other countries.

My husband eventually gave into temptation and grabbed the boys to play Air Hockey with him. As I sat and sipped my cold beer and watched them together I felt a wave of contentment. I absolutely love watching my husband and the boys playing together or learning together. There's something incredibly exciting watching their relationship grow and seeing how they interact together as the boys get bigger, and as their environment changes.

This was one of the best moments on holiday. I'll remember it forever.

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