When Your Personal Life Takes Over

Confession: for the past couple of weeks I fell out of love with blogging and social media. I struggled so hard to keep my blog going, and I'm quite thankful for having my 'Why I Snap' series and promises of featuring other people to keep me going.
And the fact that I would be really annoyed at myself if I missed a week of my Motivational Monday series.

Before now I would sit at my laptop every night scheduling posts weeks in advance, making sure at least one post would go live everyday.
I'd shut the laptop and be straight on my phone, drafting ideas and the beginnings of posts.

I'd be checking Twitter every 2 minutes, seeing what my friends were tweeting, replying to tweets, replying to dms.

But all of a sudden I felt really distant from it all.
I was able to go a whole evening without opening my laptop, and not writing drafts on my phone even. I didn't feel an incredible loss or urge to get back to that, I didn't miss it at all.

Everyone on Twitter felt/feels like a stranger.

After wondering over the last couple of days how to get that love back, because that it what I missed more than anything. I missed the feeling of the obsession, of the urge to write write and write some more, I started to look at when and why I may have felt the way I did, and still do in some ways.
And I realised that finally my personal life got in the way.
If you are a regular reader to my blog you'll know I don't hold back and usually when something big happens in my personal life, if i get upset or annoyed then I'll blog about it, but I felt really shut off, like I couldn't write about anything. And eventually I just sort of lost the love for it.

I think it was odd for me to let something in my personal life get in the way of my blog. I didn't think I would, or could, ever do that, and given what the actual "something" was it seems so silly to have let it get in the way.
I feel quite annoyed at myself for doing that too, especially as I had great plans for my blog next week and because of my lack of inspiration this now won't happen, and it's annoyed me.

Along with the fact that months ago I wanted to update my header and haven't been able to and it's frustrating me no end. 

I'm still not quite sure how to get that love back as it was. I don't want to force it, I don't want my blog to feel like a chore.
How do you overcome that?
How do you get that love back and feel inspired again?
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