Motivational Monday #16

At the end of a long day I'll see people saying that they are going to bed counting their blessings, and thinking of the positive things that happened that day. I love this thought, going to bed relaxed and happy, but what about when you wake up?
After a wonderful weekend with some blogging friends I fully expected to wake up this morning feeling sad. And, yes that was how I felt, but I immediately found the positive in that.
Rather than feeling disappointed in the distance between us all, and a loooong 3 hour drive to a central spot, I actually felt this sense of happiness that we were able to do it.
Our lovely weekend was thought up by Hayley (Shutterflies). I met Hayley at Britmums and instantly fell in love with her. Not only is she hilarious (enough to test your pelvic floor muscles!) but she is this amazing amazing friend, and makes very beautiful children.
Part of me didn't think the sleepover would happen but thankfully it did and on Saturday night I found myself in a room with Katie, Lucy, Kirsty and Clara, Sharon and Sam.
This morning I woke up grateful to have Hayley as a friend, grateful that she arranged the meet up, grateful that she invited other lovely people along, grateful about my blog and the opportunity to have met these people in the first place.

Despite the extreme tiredness from not much sleep and a long journey I felt so happy this morning and my day is full of not only yawns, but lots of smiles too.

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