Motivational Monday #17

I've mentioned before that I can be quite negative, at least maybe to others, I see it as being "realistic".
I do tend to look at things that could go wrong, or if things may not work and how they may not work.
Driving to Bedfordshire a week ago, all I thought about for the journey was "what if I break down?" "what if I get a flat tyre?" "what if I crash?" "what if my breaks fail?" "what if I get pulled over by the police for whatever reason?"
Everything turned out ok.

Going to Britmums. "What if I got lost at the train station?" "What if I didn't actually enjoy myself?" "What if people weren't nice to me?" "What if I didn't like the people I was so desperate to meet?"
It was ok.

Going on holiday to Center Parcs in Holland earlier on in the year, "What if our villa is dirty?" "What if the beds are really uncomfortable?" "What if the swimming pool is cold?" "What if the food in the restaurants is unedible?" "How will we cope without an oven?" "How will we get on living with another family for a week?" "What if we break down?" "What if the weather is awful all week?"
Everything turned out ok, other than a broken down EuroTunnel on the way back and a very delayed and crazy late, manic journey home.

My husband has some plans for us for next year, maybe still this year if we find what we are looking for, and I can't help but to think "What if we can't do it?" "What if X happens?" "What if Y happens?". And I look at him, really positive, excited and with these really wonderful plans for his family and I realise that maybe I need to shake myself a bit.
What if things go right?

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