Motivational Monday #18

Do you ever get that moment when something has gone wrong, where you just stand there and think of every single that has gone wrong that day? That week? That month? That year? In your whole life?
Sometimes those bad moments can really bring us down, they can make everything feel awful but sometimes, through those bad times, we need to stand back and reflect on other things in life.

For example: despite the fact my dad walked out on us when I was 15 and broke our secure family unit, and since that I've had awful days because of that, does it mean I've had a bad life? No, I've had other things that overshadow that by far. It doesn't take away from the things he has done, but it's nice to be able to take focus away from that.

I had this quote scheduled for a while but I think Katie summed this up perfectly with the quote she added in her post, Tough, last week.
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