My Thorntons Christmas Hero

A week ago I was contacted by Thorntons to send some chocolate, Secret Santa style, to my Christmas Hero. One person came to mind immediately, and it won't be a surprise to some.

When I think back to Christmases as a child a smile beams across my face and the happiest of memories play in my mind. Not just because of the effort our parents would put into decorations, presents, the visiting Father Christmas, but because I got to share the excitement of every single one with an amazing person.
My twin brother.
I am so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing brother, something I've talked about before, and I wish I could let him know just how incredible he is.
Not just because of the memories from our childhood Christmases, but because he is one of my favourite people in the world.

Back in 2008 he "lived the dream" and went to work at Ayia Napa in the Summer. Although I hated him being so far away, I admired him for doing something he had always wanted to experience.
He came home in the September and it was around then that job hunting for everyone was a nightmare. There just wasn't much around at all. And in 2010 he made the decision to move to Somerset. Again I hated him being so far away but as there was nothing around here for him (other than family) I understood why he was moving as he was guaranteed a job there.

I'm not going to talk too much about what makes me so proud about him because that's his personal life and I have no right to talk so openly about it on the internet but his current situation in terms of his career fills me with so much pride. He works A LOT, makes a lot of sacrifices, and of course him being so far away means we hardly get to see him but he spends the majority of his holiday time coming "back home".
His visit home this week didn't go to plan so we won't see him until next year now which sucks. So sending him some chocolates to hopefully put a smile on his face made me feel a bit better about him not being able to come back.

Added to this, he completed a 3 Peaks Challenge back in September. Climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon, to raise money for a charity called One Sight, in just 28 hours. The challenge finished on September 11th, our birthday. I wrote a little more about his challenge in another post.

So I chose to spoil him with his Thorntons Secret Santa gifts and sent him the Christmas Gift Bundle for Him and the Classics Chocolate Advent Calender.
Good to put a smile on his face, not so good for his pre-Christmas diet plans.
Just a little something to show him that despite him not being here for Christmas he is still thought about and as special as anyone else.

I was given a budget to order my hero some special Thorntons treats.
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