Preparing for Christmas

As the 1st of December approaches I'm sure I'm not the only one making countless lists making sure everything is planned, organised and ready.
I have my list of "end of November/first week of December priorities".

The main thing to think about when it comes to decorations of course is the tree. We buy a real one for our lounge but would really like an artificial one for our kitchen.
I think finding an artificial tree that is perfect is just as difficult as buying a real tree, it certainly is for us anyway.
There is so much to consider, the height, the width, the colour, the shape, pre-lit, already decorated, with or without the snowy effect and the price.
The slim Christmas trees at The Range would fit perfectly in our kitchen. They are 6ft so would be tall enough to really make an impression but is slim so wouldn't take up too much room.
We will be getting our decorations down from the loft on November 30th to check for any breakages and also to go through all of the lights that we have to make sure they are working. 

We host Christmas at our house and will be having both of our mothers over for present opening and lunch. Also on the list is making sure I have enough plates, bowls, wine glasses, champagne glasses, cutlery and cookware for the lunch itself. When we have meals at any other time I'm not too bothered about mismatching cutlery or crockery but at Christmas everything needs to be matching and to be perfect.

I don't just like to restrict decorations to the downstairs of our home and like to do what ever I can upstairs too. Although lights can be a bit too much, especially as we won't really see them or benefit from them, so an alternative is a pretty duvet cover. I love the idea of just using a duvet in the Christmas period and think that not only would they be suitable for our bed, but also a lovely touch when we have my mother in law to stay on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and of course for the boys.
My favourite bedding is this one at The Range and is the Red Nordic Stag design. I don't usually adhere to the Red and White theme of Christmas but this design is beautiful, and it matches my gravy boat and that's important right?

Wrapping paper is something I will be organising as soon as possible. I have been informed that we have enough in our under stairs cupboard to open our own gift wrap shop, but I'm fussy, I like the wrapping paper to all match.
And then getting the homemade Christmas Cards made and making sure we have the addresses of everyone we need to send a card out to.
And once these important jobs are address it will be time to relax with a warm Mulled Cyder, or Mulled Wine, watch It's a Wonderful Life, and then on to the next list.

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