Psychologies Magazine | Review

Back before I had children and when I worked I spent a great chunk of my wages on weekly, fortnightly, and monthly magazines. Then I fell pregnant and the Celeb Gossip magazines were replaced with Pregnancy magazines and I've never really gone back.
Once Charles arrived I stopped buying the pregnancy and  baby magazines and replaced them with reading Baby Forums and talking to friends online, this soon changed into reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. But recently I've really missed holding a thick magazine in my hands whilst I soaked in the bath or relaxed on the sofa.
The celebrity gossip magazines don't really appeal to me anymore for a number of reasons, so when the opportunity came up for me to review Psychologies magazine I took it.

I was really interested to see how it differed to other magazines I had read, and whether or not it had the ability to capture my attention and keep it for a long time.

I was sent Decembers issue and my first impressions were great. The magazine has a classy, sophisticated look to it due to the colours and the layout.
Rather than enticing the reader with stories about celebritites weight problems and relationship traumas we are instead invited to read about more in depth topics, topics that will mean something to almost everyone in one way or another.
For example:

Anxiety at work: 5 ways to fight the fear.

And a 20 Page special talking, making yourself heard and address conversations you may need to have with people. (such as "You're drinking too much", "I hate the way you are parenting our children")

I fully expected the magazine to be full of in depth articles and assumed that it may be one I would dip in and out of throughout the month but I was plesantly surprised to see that it also features Recipes, Christmas decoration tutorials, fashion, home, and beauty articles.
I really felt as though this magazine "got me" and knows exactly what I need and want from it.
More than anything the real life articles are honest and it feels as though they are written to help you, to share a problem for the person involved and they are not at all sensationalised.

There are no pressures on how to look in this magazine. Nothing screams "YOU NEED TO LOOK LIKE THIS" and there are no references to celebrities body ideals and woes. This is something I really respect about this magazine.
I really get the feeling that the team behind it sat down and really thought about what women want and need from a magazine, and how to make themselves different to other magazines.

If you are looking for a new magazine I highly recommend this one and can definitely see myself buying this on a monthly basis.

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