Some Things I Love #17

Directions on the AA Route Planner and on the Sat Nav. I had two journeys last week that required a Sat Nav. I don't see how we ever managed without one, how on earth were drivers expected to follow maps?!

We went to the theatre last Saturday to watch the Chris and Pui Roadshow for the second time this year. It was so amazing, and oddly enough I want to go again.

I've pretty much worn leggings all week. We've been busy going to a farm and to a zoo and relaxing and home and leggings are perfect for all of those situations.

With an exciting weekend planned I couldn't help but to listen to this song.

Half term.
I absolutely loved our first proper half term with Charles. I fully expected it to be full of grumpyness, and the boys arguing but we managed to have a happy week and had some lovely days out.
I don't want him to go back to school now.

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