Some Things I Love #18

I was recently sent a copy of Psychologies magazine to review. I really love this magazine and it was nice to find one that suited my needs and wants. I highly recommend it.

We love watching Gogglebox. Our favourite couple are Steph and Dom, I would love episodes to be all about them, they are hilarious and we spend most of our time laughing at them.

 After we went to see Chris and Pui 2 weeks ago we popped in Dorothy Perkins so I could get a new pair of shoes. Charles saw this dress and said I HAD to buy it because it was green, he loves it, and because it would look nice on me. I got home and went to buy it and noticed a 25% off code in my inbox so got it for a bargainous £13.50! I adore it.

On the way back from our sleepover at Hayleys house last weekend I was listening to the radio and during my almost 3 hour journey home I heard this song twice.
I was made aware of it a while ago by Kirsty and Clara and it's a beautiful song. I have to admit that maybe without them making me aware of the lyrics I may not have realised just how special and important the song is.
Although I managed to not cry when saying goodbye to Kirsty and Clara, I did bawl when this song came on the radio twice on the drive home. That was convenient when driving in the dark.

Me time. Being away from the boys last weekend was hard, especially being with two other small children with one that really reminded me of Harry, but time to be me with no other responsibilities was quite refreshing. I was able to browse Ikea without running after Harry or keeping an eye on Charles.
I didn't realise how much I would desperately want to be home to see them. The journey back is around 3 hours, I think it was just under as the roads were quite clear, but the drive is quite boring and every stretch of road looks the same so you have little idea of how far you have come and how far you have left.
Harry was asleep when I got home but seeing him the next day I couldn't believe how much I noticed his speech and how big he is now. I really appreciated his development and it's worth having that time apart to appreciate the small things I may not notice all the time.
And of course, it was amazing being able to sit in a room with some fabulous ladies and true friends.

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