Some Things I Love #19

I won some vouchers for Argos recently and have been obsessing over the website and making lists upon lists of things to buy.
I've been able to get a few Christmas presents, and some much needed wine glasses to replace the ones our dishwasher has smashed.

I'm obsessed with Made In Chelsea. I can't believe how late I am to the party, and I can't find any old episodes on YouTube, only trailers.
I wish I could watch it from the very beginning so the relationship and friendship dramas all made sense.

 Up until now I've pretty much worn my Uggs everyday but I decided to get these boots out again. Last time I wore them I ended up with massive blisters so I was quite nervous about wearing them again.

Harry has started singing lots of songs, in his own way.
His favourite is
"I'm music man, far away play, piano pooppaaa pooopaaa play the drums"

Blankets. I love snuggling under a blanket with the laptop at night. I am still "borrowing" a beautiful knitted one from my nan (she lives in Somerset and gave it to me for our drive home as I was poorly) and it's currently my favourite one to snuggle under, although I do wish I had a Christmassy one to use in December.

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