The Ordinary Moments #11

A night with the girls, it's not something I've ever really done, but people do it all the time.
I suppose that in a way every night is like a night in with the girls due to a long running WhatsApp conversation with two people I would quite happily and confidently call my best friends. I tend to latch on to people quite quickly, I trust too easily and throw the term "best friend" around easily and then something happens and I realise I need to calm down, back off and put barriers up.
Something which I've definitely done this year, but sometimes you just click with people and it feels like you've been friends for years. You may have only actually met them once but it feels like you have met before.
You soon become more than blogging friends, or internet friends and it is a genuine friendship. You can talk about ANYTHING. Really, anything...!!

I know I've mentioned this a couple of times last week and I won't keep going on about it I promise but a small get together at Hayleys house last week showed me exactly what it's like to have a girls night in. A group of ladies chatting (at the same time!) about all sorts of different things, bonding over love of Banoffee Pie, and hate of Banoffee Pie, bonding over Strawberry and Lime Cider, being forced to watch Rocky Horror Show, sharing birth stories, stories of families and in laws, and staying up until far far far too late.

As it's not something I have really experienced before, I used to hate sleepovers when I was younger and avoid them as much as I could, I wasn't sure if I would really enjoy myself or be able to relax.
Added to that my fear that really everyone hates me and "puts up with me" it was quite tough to actually bring myself to go, BUT I loved it.
Although we talked about blogging of course, how could we not, it wasn't completely about that, it was just
8 friends getting together and enjoying each others company.
It's quite funny to think that really I've only met these women once before, at Britmums, but it felt as though I see them all the time. Although I did have moments when I would sit there and just be amazed at who I was sitting in a room with.
It's definitely a weekend I'll never forget.

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