The Ordinary Moments #12

Since Charles has been going to school I've had to dedicate more time to Harry. Before he would have his playmate, he would follow Charles around or Charles would follow him, they would play and fight over the Brio train track, they would hunt for food together and cuddle and dance.
But now I have to take on a new temporary role of brother during the daytime when Charles is at school, which is quite a role to take on as I have big shoes to fill.

Getting housework done is almost impossible. Harry is quite a mummys boy, and either tries to help or does the best he can to get my attention.
Addressing the floordrobe in our room is always a mission, as is organising and putting washing away, as this blonde haired boy jumps on the bed and all over the clothes, pulls the duvet cover back to hide underneath to play peekaboo and kicking in excitement which will of course make my neat and organised piles a big heap on the bottom of the bed or on the floor.
Or he'll explore our bedside cabinets, and try to reach my make up so he can find another nail polish to put on, or find my husbands loose change stash.

Still, look at that smile. I can't help but to say "right, let's ignore the housework" and then just tickle him and playfight or go downstairs to cuddle or play.

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