The Ordinary Moments #13

Two or Three years ago Charles and my husband came up with a term that is now a big part of our lives.
The Bumby Scoot.
It's basically scooting around, on your bum. The Bumby Scoot.
It can be done anywhere and everywhere, but is most effective on sand or soil.
We went to the beach in Wells-Next-The-Sea last week and after climbing a massive Sand Dune the boys immediately travelled down in the best way...by scooting.
Charles carried on a lot longer than Harry but I didn't manage to take a photo of the really long track he had left. I love that Harry is now part of the Bumby Scoot club, I don't join in as the track would be far too big and it's not appropriate to do when wearing a dress.
I love how this is their natural thing to do now if we go to a beach. Other people write their name in the sand, we just leave a track left by our bottoms.

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