Back to Me.

One thing I always loved about this space of mine on the Internet was the fact that I could write about whatever I wanted (well within reason of course).
I'd say I haven't ever been controversial or offensive, and instead have been open and honest. Even if to some it felt like I was over-sharing and was breaking down the "private life"/"Internet life" barrier and being too open about things personal to me. These being my posts about anxiety, birth trauma, relationships, therapy, and such like.

It's so gimmicky but I really want to have a "New Year New Start" approach to my blog, although more making it what it used to be.
I was proud of those posts. Even if to some I was oversharing. If I was saying things I shouldn't openly share with people who don't know me properly.
Those posts made me feel better, they were my therapy and if people don't like them then they simply don't have to read them. Right?

Having a little break over Christmas made me realise what I want to write about. I've been exploring the things I like to read, and also just thinking about what I want to come back and write.

2014 is going to be my year of thinking about myself, about what I deserve and about what I want. I'm no longer going to be influenced by others, or to worry about what others think.
Well ok, I will always worry about that kind of thing, it's in my nature, but I will no longer let it affect something I hold so dearly to my heart and that I love.

Here's to a happy 2014!

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