Coffee Bean Table Top Tree and Candles

Last year I made my first Styrofoam table top using felt. It was so easy to make, in fact I made two, and I definitely wanted to make more. But the felt was too easy and I wanted something a little different and more challenging and one night decided to try coffee beans.
I didn't know if the coffee beans would actually stiI firsck as they are quite heavy and can be an odd shape but they did! And it looks really effective.

All you need 
Styrofoam cone
Some strong pva glue
Coffee beans

Firstly I painted the cone so it had a base colour which would show through the gaps. Little fail on my behalf, don't use silver spray paint, it will melt the styrofoam, but thankfully I managed to save it before it completely ruined.
Once that it dry you simply stick your coffee beans around the cone. It does take a while and can be fiddly but it's really quite theraputic and is perfect to do when you have a spare hour or so. I covered half and then returned to the cone the following day to do the other half.
Then you are done, but if you want to go one step further you can add glitter to the coffee beans. I used a glittery nail varnish and selected certain coffee beans at random and it turned the cone from an Autumn decoration to a winter one.

Although the cone is effective and looks pretty, I wanted to have it displayed with something else. Something matching. So I grabbed a plain white pillar candle we have had for ages and glued three rows of coffee beans, simple yet fiddly but again, so effective.
To make a nice set I also added one row to two smaller pillar candles and have set them up on a red festive platter, surrounded by white tinsel and blue lights.

This is the first time I've ever really made a table display and I absolutely love it.

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