Do's and Don'ts when Decorating a Childs Room

When it came to decorating and furnishing the boys bedrooms I found it really exciting. I loved creating a space for them both to grow in, that will be practical and comfortable and most importantly a space that they will love.

We've now decorated each bedroom twice and I we are now at the point where we are happy with what we have created, as our the boys. We have a list of 6 'Do's' and 'Don't' when it comes to decorating your child's bedroom.

DON'T stick to one set theme. We did this first time round and soon realised that 1-children grow out of things quickly and 2-you can't predict what you're children will be into.
We changed a Safari themed room and an underwater themed room into two neutral rooms. The walls are painted in calming colours and we can chop and change the accessories according to what the boys like.
A truck duvet cover wouldn't have gone so well in an underwater themed room.

DO buy a multi-functional bed. As your child gets older they will want friends to stay over, and if like us you have family staying over and feel bad about sticking them on the sofa for the night, then something like truckle beds for girls and boys are great to give that added sleeping space when needed.

DO go for a statement wall. Have three walls in a simple colour such as white, cream or a pale 'hint of'colour will leave you one wall to have fun with. You could decide to wallpaper that wall, or simply use a bright colour which you can always paint over if and when you wanted to.

DON'T go for cream or pale carpets. I don't need to explain the many reasons why.

DO think carefully about the furniture you are going for. You want to make sure you invest in something that is great quality, that be be long lasting and that has plenty of storage. We have learnt that researching is key to getting it right when it comes to furniture whether you are looking for simple storage or funky children's bedroom furniture online.

And lastly, DO ask for their input. At 2 years old Harry is able to give us an idea of what he likes and doesn't like and it's important for us that he has a room he likes as well as a room we feel is appropriate for him and for the house. They can do simple jobs such as choosing the colour of the statement wall, their bed, or maybe something simple like the bedding.

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