F&F Mens Suit Jacket Challenge

We were recently invited to take part in a challenge with F&F to put together an outfit including one of their Suit Jackets.
I was really looking forward to this as my husband can tend to be safe with his outfits and doesn't always want to try something new.
We wanted to put together an outfit to show that a suit jacket doesn't have to be paired together with smart trousers and a shirt and to really show off a smart casual style.
We started off looking at the suit jackets and decided to stay away from black, and went for grey. I really like grey as I think it's so versatile, easy to dress up or dress down and can be paired with bright colours or darker colours.
We went for the F&F Blazer with Wool. We really liked the darker shade of grey and the fact that it is 28% wool so will keep him warm on a colder day/night.

As we wanted an alternative to a shirt we went for the mock shirt layer v-neck jumper.
I love how this is smart, casual and comfortable and could be worn everyday or on a date/night out. We love the blue against the dark grey of the jacket. I've bought my husband jumpers from F&F before and we've always been pleased with the quality so we knew this would be as good as it looks on the website.
To break the outfit down and to introduce a little more grey we bought a grey Smith & Jones scarf (which isn't available on the website anymore). We also forgot to add this to the outfit with the mock shirt when taking photos as we grabbed a spare 5 minutes whilst Harry napped, but have added it in another outfit.
Footwear is a bit issue in our house when it comes to my husband. No shoes ever last very long and whereas I own over 20 pairs, he owns 2. His smart brown shoes, and his cheap pumps. I wanted him to get something that he could wear with this outfit and would particularly compliment the jacket.
So, with a message of "I'm getting you these and you WILL wear them" I added the F&F Suede Desert Boots in Navy. Again, as with the theme of the outfit, I love the style, colour and the fact that they are smart yet could be worn everyday too.  I love these so much that I am tempted to treat him to the tan colour too. The price is amazing....£25!! £25 for LEATHER. Amazed.
We also purchased a Black Wool Jumper (again, not available on the website anymore) to wear underneath the suit jacket to show how it can be worn with different colours and different textures. It's worth looking for this jumper in store as it is really lovely.

We are really pleased with the items we picked up and can't believe how much we were able to buy with our budget.

F&F Blazer with Wool £40
F&F Mock shirt layer v-neck jumper £16
F&F Suede Desert Boots in Navy £25
F&F Black wool jumper £10
Smith & Jones Grey Twisted Yarn Scarf £7
Total £98.

We were given a voucher to spend at F&F for the purpose of this challenge.
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