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Four months ago I finally got myself an Android phone. The first thing I set up, the most important thing of all, was Instagram. I'd seen other peoples photos for a while and desperately wanted to be able to share mine too.
I love the camera on my phone and love Instagram, which may be noticeable by those who follow me.

I was offered the chance to review Instajunction and their products.

 About Instajunction
We like Instagram. And we like taking photos and sharing them with friends, and we like to print stuff. Not just boring stuff you can buy on the high street, but fun and exciting things that you want to carry around and show off to people all day long.
So we brought together all these things we like and know into Instajunction, the greatest place to do something a bit more exiting with all those great looking pictures you've got squirrelled away on Instagram and Facebook? Quite simply, we put your Instagram, Facebook or uploaded pictures on a range of exciting and different products that you won’t find anywhere else – from sticker books to coasters, Polaroid style cards to wall vinyls. Fantastic quality, speedy delivery anywhere in the world and all at sensible prices.

I chose the Polaroid Style Cards. These seem to be quite trendy again at the moment and I really wanted to see how they came out. I really like the effect of them, I like the many things that can be done with them.
I considered making Polaroid bunting which I've seen made by others but have instead decided to use them as notes to put in Christmas Cards of people we don't see often. We think one of these is a lovely little keepsake to add to the inside of a card.

Although I love the product and the service is fab with fast delivery the price is, in my opinion, quite expensive. I think £9.99 is a lot for 10 cards so I would only get these again for a special occasion and would make sure I used photos that were special and of better quality, or a bigger quantity as the price seems a little more reasonable with the more you order.
Pack of 10 £9.99
Pack of 25 £19.99
Pack of 50 £24.99
Pack of 100 £29.99

I would recommend these, and would buy again because I think these are great products, and the service is fantastic.

I was given a voucher to use on the Instajunction site for the purpose of this review.
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