Motivational Monday #21

Another Walt Disney quote this week. I love this, so simple, straight to the point and so true.
I'd imagine we're not the only people to have had problems with families and sometimes it can all get too much. The term "blood is thicker than water" becomes false.
You wonder who you can trust and who is really there for you. But I've realised this year that it doesn't matter what other people do to me, or say to me, don't do or don't say. The most important thing for me is to work on MY family.
The unit of four I am partly in charge of.
They are the ones I need to use my energy on, put my time into and those are the ones I need to worry about.
The ones who will be there no matter what, who will love me no matter what, and will always care for me and love me.

It doesn't matter how close or how far away they are. The fact they are there is what is important and is all that matters.

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