Some Things I Love #21

We went out for lunch on Sunday, without the boys, and went to a beautiful pub in Walberswick. It's one of those pubs that has a real local feel to it, and the atmosphere is so warming.
We'd spotted the menu in there before which is why we went back this time. The menu was so good that we were absolute pigs and had 3 courses. Oops.

We had a break from Eastenders for a while as it got soooooo booooooring and samey. With some characters leaving and new ones arriving we've decided to dip back in, especially as it's tradition to watch Eastenders on Christmas Day. I've watched it this week and am pretty glad I did as I didn't want to miss Kat and Alfie getting back together.............again.

My mum and the boys played shoe shops here a couple of weeks ago and in doing so she found my slippers. I do find I get hot really quickly when I wear slippers (am I the only one?!) so I tend to go through phases of being really into them and then not wearing them because I associate them with that feeling of being hot. Weird.

Disney songs! Well, when I say listened to I actually mean I've just had them playing in my head all week, that's the same right? In particular it has been When You Wish Upon a Star. Mainly because of Mondays post but also because it's part of the opening sequence on the Mickey Mouse Christmas Film we keep watching numerous times a day.

Harrys nap times. I've been so tired this week that it's given me a moment to just sit and relax on the sofa for a while and drink a hot cup of tea/coffee. I have no idea when he will quit the naps, if it was up to him he wouldn't have them but really he does need them. I feel guilty sometimes for enjoying that time so much but it's nice to have a breather before the stress of the school run starts.

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