Some Things I Love #22

The new re-launched super exciting I Heart Snapping website. I'm so excited for my three friends Hayley, Katie and Lucy and am very proud of them. I'm also proud to be a contributor to the site too and am honored to be part of it.
My husband attaching the Christmas tree to the roof of our car. It's the first time we've put one on the top of it and the drive home was a little nerve-racking as we kept looking in the rear view mirror to see if we had left a tree behind but we made it home in one piece and now I can watch the blue sparkly lights on it instead.
I was a rebel and wore a leopard print dress last weekend. I bought it just before Britmums Live, when I felt quite confident about myself but didn't get round to wearing it, especially as my husband informed me that he didn't actually like animal print much. 
But at the weekend I decided to try it on and to wear a chunky cardigan with it to make it a little more casual and comfortable. 

On Tuesday I drove to my mums and was listening to Radio 2 as I am obsessed with it again. I was OVER.THE.MOON when Simply Red came on. I lurve them so much.

As much as I can get annoyed when the boys won't sleep I do like late night conversations and jokes and cuddles when they wake up.
Harry made me jump on Tuesday. His bedroom is opposite the bathroom and as I walked out I looked at the floor in his room as I saw a heap of something in the shadows and hoped it wasn't him. It was a toy dinosaur but as my eyes scanned up I saw him staring at me as he looked round from his bed. It was quite scary and he made me jump, which he found hilarious.
I went in and we talked for ages, and laughed as I sat on his floor as he said "bye" and tried to walk around me trying to leave the room. As I replied "No bye" he would burst out laughing.

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