Some Things I Love #23 {A Disneyland Special}

Having just been on a fab 3 night break at Disneyland Paris it would be rude to not have this weeks Some Things post almost dedicated to our holiday.

The map and schedule of the main Disneyland Park and the Studios were basically stuck to my hand the majority of the three days we were there.

Everything at Disney. The parade, the snow, the fireworks and lightshow at the castle, the characters, the boys meeting the characters, the boys faces throughout the whole 3 days.

 We were soooo lucky that it didn't rain once and although it was cold and frosty it wasn't too awful and unbearable. I did dig out my thick grey coat to wear though which helped.

Well of course Disney songs, Disney songs and Disney songs. This is one of my favourites, they made it Christmassy for the parade this year although we can't find that version online anywhere.
I put this on the computer the day after we came back and the boys immediately started dancing shouting "Disneyland!! Disneyland!!" and I cried when I heard it. I now just need to learn the words.

The magic of Disney of course.

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