A Bubble of Happiness and Love

Life isn't always easy. The hard times and down moments can consume you and you forget the happy times and highs. The feelings of warmth and the smiles that have stretched from cheek to cheek.

It's easy to be lost in the fog of uneaten lunchboxes, ya's instead of you's, dropped t's, piles of clothes needing to be sorted, a list of housework that you can't ever imagine being ticked off, weight issues, money issues, life issues, mental health issues.
Taking a moment to step back and look at the happiness in your life, and that is surrounding you but may be out of sight due to the fog, however thick it is.

Kirsty and Clara from MyTwoMums have come up with a fantastic linky encouraging us to celebrate the happiness in our lives.

I'm not sure what I would do without these two in my life. Ok sometimes I get stressed, upset or angry but past all that is a big bubble of happiness and love.
They are funny, kind, loving and make life a big adventure.
At the moment they are both learning SO much.
Harry's speech is amazing me. I feel so guilty that at one point last year I wanted to take him to a speech therapist and thought he was behind with his development, only for him to prove me completely wrong. With his little French / Italian accent and finishing his sentences and questions off with a high pitched voice and exaggerated vowels he has us laughing with a lot of what he says. He can recognise letters too and knows H is for Harry, C is for Charles, M is for Mummy, D is for Daddy and N is for Nanny. If he see's these in books or on signs he always points them out and at 2 and a half I think that is BRILLIANT.
Charles is a little sponge at school and comes home with new facts about everything every day. His reading is so amazing. I panicked so much about him starting school as I couldn't see how he would pick up reading words and letters and learning sounds BUT he can do it and I'm just left stunned.
Being a parent is just full of these surprising moments, which is funny because every parent goes through these things every day, our parents went through these things as we learnt to talk and to read and to write but when your child does it, it feels like noone has ever experienced such pride ever in their lives before. No other child has ever achieved what your child has just achieved.
And I love that.
It makes me happy.

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