A Photoless Christmas Day

On Christmas Day I didn't take any photos at all, other than a couple of my Naked Palette and a snugly photo on my phone in the evening.
The past few Christmases I spent photographing every little thing, and didn't actually experience the present opening as I should have. Instead I had to relive it all through the screen on my camera, making sure I had captured the ripping of the paper as I wanted. But come on, it's difficult taking a photo of a child furiously ripping apart paper trying to get into this fantastic new box.

After present opening I'm up and down, in and out of the kitchen, and I don't get that time to sit and soak in the Christmas atmosphere, watching the boys explore their new toys.
I love cooking the Christmas dinner and I didn't want to ask my husband or the mums to do it and instead sacrificed camera time to just sit and watch the boys. To watch my husband open his presents too. And it felt good. I don't feel I missed out by not taking any photos, in all honesty I could just use the same photos from last year and no one would know any different.
I did capture the most important time for me when it comes to the boys around Christmas though, and that was the leaving food out for the reindeer. Every year I have taken a photo of Charles on the door step and then under the tree leaving Santas treats.
It was even more special this year because it was Harry's first time joining Charles to take part in the tradition.
In my eyes, these are the only photos I needed. And I have no regrets of leaving my camera untouched on Christmas Day.

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