Brothers {The Ordinary Moments}

My boys have always had what I would call a typical sibling relationship. They adore each other but sometimes it all gets too much with sharing or getting in each others space and they will fall out.
Overall I think we are really lucky. They adore each other and are best friends.

Whenever Charles is at school and I am taking Harry out in the car he always asks if we are going to get Charles, and gets quite upset when I say "no, not yet".
Both of the boys have just had Scarlet Fever. At this point I saw a big change in their relationship. They seemed to accept that they felt poorly, and that the other one felt the same, and would just go over to each other and have a cuddle, or stroke the other ones back or hair for a while.
Charles was sick a couple of times and as his head was over the toilet Harry gently went and rubbed his back. He hadn't seen me do it, he just knew that was what he should do to help his poorly big brother.

When Charles returned home from school one evening last week he sat on the sofa and was joined by his little brother. I went into the kitchen and came back to find them cuddling up together. Harry was sitting so close to his big brother and had his arm around him.
I could tell that they were both feeling tired and needed comfort and it made me smile that they can give that comfort to each other without the need for fighting over me for it.
They stayed like this for a while. Every now and then giving each other a lovely squeeze and a reassuring look of "I know you are tired and feeling run down too".

Moments like this make the hard work worth it. I can't force them to be best friends, or friends at all, I can't force them to like each other either, but knowing that they care enough for each other to do this without being told to or without being prompted makes my heart swell and fill with pride.
It reminds me that just because they fall out sometimes and fight over the same train, or section of the train track, that they will always love each other and were always each others first true best friend.
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