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Towards the end of last year I was sent a Degustabox to review. A Degustabox is a monthly subscription surprise box. I have seen these with cosmetics and beauty items before and the thing putting me off beauty boxes is that there would be likely to be something I either don't use, wouldn't use, or simply wouldn't suit me, and it may be difficult to find someone to pass the unwanted item on to.
So, I was really intrigued to see how a food subscription box would compare to beauty boxes. I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy food and my main worry was that we would get something spicy that I couldn't try.
We did recieve some spicy items, being the Jerk Chicken Sauce and Jerk Chicken Paste and although this is something I'd considered trying before I wasn't ever brave enough to buy it incase I didn't like it. The fact it was sent in the box and that I had it there, in my kitchen, I felt it would be silly not to try. And I'm glad I did as it is wonderful!

The price for each box is £9.99 with £3.00 P&P. £9.99 seemed like a reasonable price to me but I didn't imagine getting so much in a box. I expected maybe 5-6 items.
Well, imagine my surprise when I was sent:
3 cans of Bavaria Beer
2 packs of Yu! Granola snack packs.
2 boxes of Belvita Breakfast biscuits.
A pot of Chai Latte
Oxo Shake and Flavour jar
Jerk Chicken Paste
Smoky Jerk Sauce
4 different Bisto gravy packets.
Bisto Stock Melts.
Green and Blacks Chilli Chocolate
That's a lot right?
I'd also been wanting to try Chai Latte for a while as I'd seen so many people talking about how lovely it is so was delighted when I saw it was part of our box.

There are quite a few positives to these boxes:
  • Trying foods you may not have tried before or wanted to purchase at the supermarket.
  • If you don't like something, you could probably find someone who will. In our case it's the Belvita breakfast biscuits, I didn't like the apricot and yogurt flavours but the boys did.
  • Discovering foods you will want to repurchase. We now buy the Yu! Granola snacks for Charles' lunchbox. I hadn't heard of them before but love that they are a healthy snack for him to take to school.
  • The price. I really think the price is fantastic considering how much you get in a box, and the variety of items.
  • You also recieve a recipe sheet to help with using some of the ingredients in your box.
This is how to box works (taken from the Degustabox website)
  • Register and pay for your first Degustabox, just £9.99 delivery not included. Register before the 10th and you will receive your box in the same month.
  • Automatic payment due on the 10th of each month. No long term commitment (cancel before the 10th).
  • Choose to pay monthly or pre pay for 6 months at a discounted price!
  • You will receive your Degustabox between the 25th and 30th of each month.
  • You will always find a great variety of quality products from well known brands.
  • Email and text notifications to make sure your Degustabox is delivered to you hassle free! 
  • Each month discover 17 new, special or innovative food products from well known brands.
  • Share the experience with us and other Degustaboxers on Facebook and Twitter. Be a part of a growing community of foodies!
  • And every month there will be more and more new products and flavours for you to explore.
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