Happy 4th Birthday BumpPR.

Since starting blogging almost 3 years ago I've worked with a few different brands and PR companies. Some have been ok, some not so ok, but one had been a cut above the rest.
That company is Bumppr and they celebrated their 4 year birthday this weekend and invited some bloggers along to celebrate with them.

So on Saturday myself and Charles set off at 7am to head to the train station to catch the train to London. It was the first time we had been to London without my husband and Harry so we were excited, and I was somewhat nervous. It also meant I had to navigate the tube by myself and thankfully the stop from Liverpool Street to Bethnal Green was really short and we managed with no problems at all....other than my bottom getting stuck as the barriers closed at the Bethnal Green station.

The museum is just a minutes walk from Bethnal Green Underground and as we'd arrived half an hour early we went to the toilet, then had a look around the shop which is FANTASTIC. We wanted to buy everything.
We soon spotted Katie and Jennie and after more browsing in the shop it was time to go to the party.

It was SO lovely to finally meet the ladies I had been working with since October 2012.
Not only that but it was really lovely to catch up with some of my favourites in blogging and to meet others I have talked to online before but never met, along with their children and of course Mr E.

The party was wonderful and the cake was beautiful. We ate some of the mini cupcakes and they were SO yummy. I'm not usually a fan of cake but I went back for another one which Charles actually stole when I turned my back to talk to Kirsty and Clara.
So after a few hours of fun, gossip, laughter, cake and lots of bouncing on Happy Hoppers the party was over.
We had a while until our train was due as we wanted time to look around the museum, armed with a rather heavy and full goodie bag.
After an hour of browsing the museum we decided to go and get the tube and head back to Liverpool Street to get some dinner and wait for our train (and to also look through our goody bag).

Finally home at 9.30 we cuddled on the sofa for a little bit and talked about the wonderful day we had.

Thank you Bumppr for inviting us along to your birthday party and for inviting a lot of other fab bloggers too.
I look forward to working with you again on other exciting projects.

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