How To Brighten Up a Kitchen on a Budget

In a lot of houses kitchens are the hub. The heart of the home if you will.

As a result we want to keep them looking their best, and due to be in use so much this may be the room that needs updating the most. I came up with a few ideas on how to brighten up and decorate a kitchen on a budget.

1-     Rather than buying new cupboard doors simply paint the ones you have already. The cost will be cheaper and you will have a wider selection of choice due to the different colours and styles you can go for.

2-     On a similar theme to the above, instead of breaking off tiles and buying new ones, simply paint over them. Again not only will you have a lot more choice, but it will cost less, be a lot less work, and save a lot of time.

3-     Simply repainting the walls can also create such a big difference and change the atmosphere and feel of the room. 

4-     Create a blank canvas. Having a neutral room will be easy to update as and when you feel. You can simply buy atrwork or a range of colourful durable kitchen ware to brighten up the room or work surfaces.

5-     Don’t be afraid to make big adjustments. We had a breakfast bar with 8 cupboards in our kitchen/dining room and it was just space to dump everything on really. One morning we decided to get rid of it, and by that evening it was all gone. We wallpapered the wall and then had room for a dining room table. It created more useful space for us, was something we could do ourselves with no outside help and added costs, and completely changed the feel of the room.

6-     Researching online stores such as The Homewares Company to find a variety of storage ideas and items to really make use of space you have whether it be floor space or worktop space is a good place to start.  You could even find an item to work a whole new kitchen theme around.

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