Just a Cat? {Ordinary Moments}

When I met my husband he had a young cat called Harry. I wasn't a cat person in the slightest.
Harry was lovely though and after a while of being jealous of this new person in his daddy's life, he soon accepted me and we had this lovely bond.
My husband was always the one to play and fight with him and I was the one he would go to for strokes and cuddles.
After we got married we decided to add another cat to our family and went to a farm in Warwickshire, the same farm Harry [cat] came from, and met and fell in love with a tiny tortoiseshell kitten.
Once she was ready to leave her mum she came to live with us in Cambridgeshire. After going through all the names of the Disney Princesses and being told a stern no I was eventually allowed to call her Jasmine.
Harry wasn't a fan of her at first but after a month or so would let her snuggle up to him and eventually she had him wrapped around her little claw and he would spend the majority of his time being a protective big brother [they share the same dad and their mums were sisters] and would be cleaning her constantly.

When I was pregnant with Charles he was my bodyguard. I will never ever forget how protective he would be of me. He would follow me around everywhere. Would walk me to the car and when we returned home from going out for the day or for a short trip to the supermarket he would meet me at my car door and walk me inside. Jasmine didn't really react at all and carried on as normal.
4 months after Charles arrived Harry was killed on the main road near our house. I know people say "It's just a pet" and I always knew we were taking a chance letting the cats out anyway but it hit me really hard and I still cry about it. He wasn't the type of cat to go near the road so we think the bully cat in our area chased him towards it.

We decided to add another cat to our family 4 months later although this wasn't successful in the slightest. We rescued Dominic and not only do we think he was actually a Feril cat, Jasmine didn't take to him and spent a lot of time away from the house.
Dominic was quite fussy and constantly in your face which would have been fine if we didn't have a small child to look after too. We phoned to get Dominic taken back to the rescue centre when all of a sudden he fell ill. 2 days later we were being told he was extremely poorly and the best thing to do was to end his life. We were eaten up with guilt for wanting to give him back to the rescue home but we know we did all we could for him.
The rescue home were pretty unsupportive of us and instead made us feel as though we'd had him put down to save us the trouble of taking him back there. Which was obviously not the case.

With Dominic gone Jasmine came back to the house a lot more and we accepted that it wasn't fair for her if we got any more cats. She also didn't seem a fan of our new baby and with her brother gone it must have been a really tough time for her.
Our original intentions were for Dominic to be a few friend for her rather than for her to feel threatened and driven away by him.

One of our neighbours took a shine to her and after 3 years of trying to stop this neighbour from stealing her and feeding her we decided we needed to keep her as a house cat. It wasn't an easy decision but Jasmine has taken to it quite well and infact has become closer to my husband, who in the past she didn't really take to.
She hides away from the boys in the daytime, but at nighttime is by my side on the sofa. She snuggles in and stays there, sometimes venturing over to see my husband for a little bit of fuss but mainly she is by my side.
If I'm in the bedroom by myself in the daytime for whatever reason, or if Harry naps, she will come out from hiding and see me for fusses.

Although she's not overally keen on the boys she is always by their side at nighttime if they wake up and will sit on their beds for a cuddle and a stroke. She seems to be aware of when they are poorly too and will go over to them, sometimes in the daytime, to see if they are ok. I think secretly she doesn't hate them and instead just likes the attention.

She's coming up for 9 this Summer and I hope we have another 9 years of her in our lives. She might be just a cat to some but she is a big part of this family for me and I couldn't imagine not having her around. My evenings just wouldn't be the same.

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