Love The Little Things #1

Last year I absolutely loved discovering new blogs, one of which being But Why Mummy Why. I noticed that Morgana hosted a weekly link up called Some Things I Love and really liked the idea behind highlighting certain things from my week.
I was delighted when Morgana said that the linky would be returning in 2014 although with new name, Love The Little Things, and some changes with the headings.


As part of the Year of Change Book Club #YOCBookClub I have been reading Dale Carnegies 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. It's interesting so far and I'm keeping an open mind about it.
It was quite lovely to see the majority of the blogs I follow have a break over Christmas. Then we all seemed to come out of hibernation on New Years Eve and my Bloglovin' feed and Twitter feed was full of New Year posts. It was really lovely and although the break was nice I really missed reading my favourite blogs.


I'm going to admit it, I was really disappointed with the programme schedule over Christmas. Nothing really stood out as being amazing and I could have quite happily had the tv off altogether.
We did start the new year with a date though and watched Anchorman 2. We'd seen mixed reviews about it so went with an open mind but it was hilarious.
We also watched The Incredible Burt Wonderstone this week too and loved it. Steve Carrell is becoming one of those actors who can do no wrong and always has us laughing.


For Christmas I got the Now Thats What I Call Disney album, oh yes I did and I'm not even ashamed. Yesterday I listened to it and danced around the kitchen with the boys to the songs. There is a Christmas cd with the album which we listened to as we ate Christmas dinner on Christmas Day, much to my husbands protest!


My boys seem to go through phases of doing really well with eating or being rubbish with it. Harry is very much influenced by Charles which makes things tricky. For the first time in a while I made Spaghetti Bolognese and they loved it. They don't eat enough vegetables so I made sure it was packed with carrots, peas and onions and to my surprise they ate almost all of it!
(He was happy really, I just told him not to smile so big whilst he was eating) 


My husband bought me a Naked Palette for Christmas and I've worn it almost everyday. I love it and really like trying out new colours.
I want to make an effort with my hair this year. Just before Christmas I had it cut and am quite pleased with it and want to get out of my habit of sticking it in a ponytail or loop. When we went to the cinema I decided to try and give it a bit more style and shape and make use of the layers I have. I was quite impressed, although not so impressed at the rain and wind which kind of ruined it later on in the evening.

And lastly...

I wrote my 2013 Summary and a few Promises for 2014. I couldn't really be bothered with resolutions and sticking to Goals and felt Promises were easier for me to keep and stick to.
Oh, and I redesigned my blog. I wanted a slightly different layout and font colours and finally managed to sort out the header I made a while ago. I also FINALLY have a badge, which is in the right sidebar.

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