Love The Little Things #2


Boring but emails! I decided to completely sort out my inbox and have deleted all the unreads, and sorted through the others I've not deleted for 2 years. I went from having over 4,000 emails to 56. Next I need to tackle my Yahoo account which has over 4050 unread messages (mostly spam!) which is ridiculous. 


After the rubbish tv over Christmas I feel as though channels are trying to suck up to me almost.
Celebrity Big Brother- YAY!
And even more exciting.....BRAND NEW episodes of Real Housewife of Suffolk County. *EDIT. Oooops, make that Real Housewives of ORANGE County*.
I've also recorded The 7.39 but I have no idea when I will fit it in as I'm having to watch Real Housewives in the evening when my husband goes to bed. I'd really like to see it asap though as I'm sure there will be spoilers around pretty soon. 
One of our other favourite prgrammes on this week was David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive. Oh it was so clever and amazing. Charles happened to wake up 10 minutes into the programme so we brought him downstairs to watch (we were already recording it for him). He was a little bit scared as he was still half asleep and had a few tears. He constantly asked if it was real, and we told him the truth but he still asked "They're not in this country are they? They are in London aren't they?" and "They won't come on the train to get us will they?" The next day we had to watch it twice as he loved it so much.


With the school run starting again this week I have been listening to the radio in the car. It's quite an exciting week for the radio station my husband works on as they've just had new presenters start on the Breakfast Show. They've taken over from a pair who were really loved by listeners so have big shoes to fill BUT I think they are doing really well. I've even switched over from Chris Evans, which is a big thing for me as I love listening to Chris Evans. It's quite exciting too as one of the new presenters is Sarah Cawood and I am a big fan of hers from watching her on television as I was growing up. It's all quite exciting.


Progress. Cheating here as it isn't a craft thing or food thing but we are taking on a hobbie this year which is rather exciting and we have made great progress this week in getting going with it all. We've got a few things to buy, and sort out plus quite a bit of learning to do but hopefully by early summer we will be sorted.
I will be blogging about it eventually but at the moment don't want to mention anything incase for any reason it doesn't work out. 


I've enjoyed taking part in the #NYNYStyleProject on Instagram and Twitter and have been posting photos as I've gone along. This week has mostly been all about my chunky cardigans though. I have two, one in black and one in cream and I've worn them every day so far. It's great for the school run if it's not too cold, I get really hot walking along (due to my weight I think) so I don't always wear a coat.

And lastly...

Looking at my calender I realised we have such a busy few weekends and it makes me really happy. January is usually so quiet. Before children we used to go away to Centre Parcs in January so we had something to look forward to and to stop that post-Christmas blues feeling. I am an absolute nightmare, and I do feel sorry for my husband, as I instantly go into a holiday searching mode as soon as Christmas has gone and have done the same this year. Oops.
My brother was here last weekend, this weekend we are going to our new favourite pub for lunch with my sister-in-law and will finally be exchanging Christmas presents with her. Then, hopefully if it doesn't snow, I will be going to London with Charles for the day, then we have a birthday party the following weekend for Charles' friend he made at Preschool. I'm quite excited as my husband will be going to the party with me and it will be the first time he's met Charles' friend and his lovely family.
Oh, and we're starting Potty Training. Eeeek. Or as Harry says "My go on the Potty Train".
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