Love The Little Things #3


Today I am the guest poster for the Tots100 Fresh Five. I have picked 5 posts which fit the 'positivity' theme. I really enjoyed taking part in it and hope everyone likes the posts I chose.


We're a bit late to the Sherlock party but we watched the final episode from the last series when it was on last year and have looked forward to the new series. It goes a bit over my head but the actors are amazing as is the way it's all filmed and created.
I also got round to watching The 7.39. I really like the programme, but the storyline just made me feel so uncomfortable. The cast was fantastic and how good was it to see Sean Mcguire again....VERY.


My husband was watching something on the television the other day and Earth, Wind and Fire 'September' was on. I love this song and couldn't help but to dance around the kitchen to it. I think my husband is impressed when I appreciate classic songs like this one.


This week I have felt incredibly lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. I've had two poorly boys so haven't had much time to make anything amazing and fantastic. I made a sausage casserole this week just because I had sausages to use up. Stupidly the previous day I used up all of the fresh vegetables we had so I just put the sausages in a casserole dish with chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, some frozen veg and a little Perfect Shake Chicken Herb and Spice Blend. I didn't think my husband would eat it as it looked a bit 'meh' and boring but it was really nice.


I bought the Ciate Mini Mani Month in the sale for £21, down from £42. I was a tiny bit disappointed because a lot of the colours are similar. I think I expected a couple of darker ones (blues maybe) to go with Christmas but the colours featured are nice and the quality is amazing.
I finally got round to trying it this week and I got a full 5 days of NO CHIPS which was brilliant.

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And lastly...

For a while I've seen people talking about the Q&A a day 5 year journal since Kara mentioned it and around 2 weeks ago I bought it, after quite a search, at WHSmith. It finally arrived today and I can't wait to fill it in everyday, once I've caught up.

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