Love The Little Things #5


I discovered Code it Pretty this week when I wanted to add Pin It buttons to my images. I love Blogger and will never move to Wordpress, unless if I have to, but sometimes I feel a little restricted. I plan to have a further browse of the site to see what other things I can do to my blog.


As I'm writing this I'm in my room as the boys play with my mum. I have my phone next to me so have YouTube open so I can listen to some songs whilst I write some posts and catch up on "stuff".
I couldn't resist listening to this....except it distracted me too much. I think Ricky Martin is such a beautiful man and it reminds me of a time in my life when this song meant so much to me and kept me happy as I played it on repeat ALL.THE.TIME.
It was my dream to here him sing this live and I did when I saw him in concert in London. It's one of those moments I will never forget.


Last Friday whilst doing a medicine run to Charles' school I was listening to Radio Two, I don't always pay attention to songs that I am not familiar with on there but this one really stood out to me. It's not usually my style either, but I just think it's so beautiful and pure that I absolutely love it. The video breaks my heart a little though.


I made friends with one of the mums on the school run! Yay! She has a daughter the same age as Harry, as well as one the same age as Charles, and on Thursday we are going to a toddler group together. I'm really excited, and nervous of course!


I'm not usually a fan of nude nails, but taking advantage of the nude colours in my Ciate Mini Mani Month package I ended up falling in love with the 'Amazing Gracie' shade, with an added accent of 'Snow Globe' on my ring finger. This reminds me of a Dior colour I wore 5 years ago. It was part of a mini Dior Varnish pack I bought on the Cruise ship we were sailing on. When I purchased the bigger bottle a few months later it chipped within an hour or so of being on so it's nice to have found a perfect replacement.

And lastly...

I went into town with my mum on Wednesday, something I don't do often because I'm not the biggest fan of the people who frequent the town these days and also because I can't really shop as I like with the boys.
I had a browse in Boots as I had planned to buy the new L'Oreal mascara but changed my mind and ended up buying the Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves mascara instead. I'm a big fan of the Scandaleyes mascara anyway so am interested to see how different this one is.
I get so nervous buying a new mascara!
I also got the Scandaleyes Thick or Thin eyeliner. And as we were leaving spotted a Clearance stand and purchased a Bourjois lipstick in Rose Corset. I had a similar Bourjois lipstick a couple of years ago but it ran out and I hadn't been able to find a similar shade to that one so I'm extremely excited to have found this one!


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