Potty Training: The Sequel {The Ordinary Moments}

When it came to having a second child I thought I had everything covered. Going through breastfeeding again, weaning, moving him into his own room, taking the sides off his cot, sleeping through the night, drinking from a cup. The little things that we deal with that are really a major pressure and stress before they happen, and whilst we are experiencing them, but a great success eventually.
What I had forgotten about of course was.....potty training.
From what I can remember it was pretty easy with Charles. We had a few accidents of course, but never whilst we were out, they were only at home. And within a few months he was dry at night too, again something which was pretty easy and we completely followed his lead.
With Harry starting preschool this year I knew that at some point we would be facing the potty training stage. I thought I would have the chance to prepare, to work out my strategy, have pottys dotted all over the house, mats ready for his bed, the pushchair, the carseat. I would be ready, we would be a team.

He had other ideas and at Christmas time decided he didn't want to wear nappies in the daytime anymore. Que panic.
I have one potty, unlike the three we had when Charles was potty training. There would now be 4 of us using the bathroom. FOUR. I'm pretty sure fighting three males to get into the bathroom is worse than fighting three females into the bathroom, despite what is usually said.
The thing is with potty training, that once you start you can't go back. And this worrys me as Harry has chosen to start when we have a few meetings and appointments to go to, these involve some longish drives (well only an hour) so we may have to hold back slightly and stick a nappy on for car journeys.
The past couple of days he has done really well, I think it's easier because he has a brother to copy, but also he has a brother who will praise him and tell him he has done really well. He also has a brother who will offer to take him to the toilet...which is a nice break for me.

I'm really glad that it hasn't been something I've had to force with him, and that he's taken the first steps himself. I'm also glad that we have 9 months to get it sorted until he starts at preschool.

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