Siblings: A Family Portrait Project {January}

Last year I successfully completed Me&Mine: A Family Portrait Project.
This year it is BACK, except not only is it back, it's also BIGGER. Ohhhhh yeah.
Along with Me&Mine this year there is also Siblings and Me&You (couples).

Siblings is pretty self explanatory, if you have 2 or more children take a photo of them together and link it up.

I love that the new year has started with the boys getting quality time together before Charles returns to school. It's so odd because although he has only been home for 2 weeks it feels like he never went to school and has always been here, his return to school will be hard on us all.
They both had a fantastic Christmas and have really enjoyed playing with, and fighting over, their new toys and games. They made Christmas so special and I can't wait for all of our adventures and celebrations this year.

Taken with flash, yuk, but I love it nonetheless. 

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