Britains Best Blanket Fort

There is nothing quite as fun as building a fort or a den inside. Hiding away from the enemy. Sitting inside your fort reading a book, eating your dinner, or with your imagination going wild with ideas of what you would like the surroundings to really be like. A deserted forest? On top of a hill?
A Fort of your own to do with it as you please.
No parents allowed.
No girls allowed.
No boys allowed.
You make the rules.

I'm pretty sure at some point in everyones life they have built a den, or a Fort. I have fond memories of doing this with my brother when we were younger. Using a clothes horse, the big cushion pads from our sofas, making sure no one could get to us.

The Furniture Market are currently running a competition to win £100 in Love2Shop vouchers for the Best Blanket Fort.
We spent Saturday at my mums, just wanting a simple day in and encouraged by this competition we made a fort.

We used:
A dog pen/play pen
Big cardboard box
A blanket (or in our case, if your blanket is too heavy as a roof, a table cloth!)
Felt pens to create the bricks and flowers on the sides of the fort.

The boys set the Fort up really homely inside, with a shagpile rug, chairs and big cushions so they were nice and comfortable. They spent a lot of the afternoon inside, along with my mum although I don't have photographic evidence of this, if only I did! They ate some snacks, had cuddles, read books and watched the television.

To enter the competition all you have to do is:
1. Build a Fort
2: Take a photo of the Fort
3. Post a photo to Social Media using the hashtag #blanketfortcomp

We really enjoyed making ours and will be challenging ourselves to make bigger and better ones in the future too.

This post is in collaboration with The Furniture Market
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