Garmin Nuvi 50 Sat Nav | Review

When I learnt to drive 3 and a half years ago I loved my new found independence. I wanted to explore the area I lived in as much as I could and have never been afraid of going out of my comfort zone and travelling a little further a field.
Of course these journeys used to be essential with the use of a local map or a map of Great Britain, something I remember being used a lot by my parents when I was little, whereas now we are lucky to have all those pages and pages of roads, dual-carriage ways, motorways, service stops, and tourist attractions stored within a small device. No more pulling over the side of the road to read the page you need, and to work out where you are now and where you next need to navigate to, instead you can drive the journey pretty much straight away with no issues at all as not only does the small device show you your journey, but it tells you too.

Satellite Navigation Systems are probably one of my favourite inventions. Last year I drove from my house in Suffolk to a friends house in Milton Keynes and my Sat Nav was a godsend, although I was using an old model which needed an update so lots of roads were missing and over half of the journey was spent driving across fields, according to my device.
I was asked to be a safety and security tester for Tesco Compare, and was sent a Garmin nuvi 50 Sat Nav to review.

Setting up the Sat Nav was easy enough to do. I like to try and work a device without the instructions first and only look at instructions if I get stuck. I didn’t need to look at instructions at all which was a bonus.
The 5” touchscreen is easy to view and easy to use. The screen attaches to the car windscreen using a simple suction device. It is easy to attach and is very secure. You can plug the Sat Nav in to charge via the cars cigarette lighter.

The Garmin nuvi 50 has a variety of functions including detailed maps of the UK, detects your speed, alerts to speed camera alerts, will give you a time of arrival, will detect attraction and tourism sites, as well as lane assist. The device also saves your locations so you can find your way home or to a hotel and so on.

There are a few different screen view options which is one of my favourite functions. I tend to change the view depending on the type of road I am on or journey I am taking. For example, on busy roads I tend to use the Birds Eye View/Aerial view as I find it easier to see the roads around me and ahead of me.

I’ve used this Sat Nav on 5 journeys now and have only had one issue when it got me lost and sent me a long way to my final destination, but other than that I found the Garmin nuvi 50 Sat Nav to be really trustworthy and reliable. It is easy to understand and to follow not just by the screen but also to listen to the inbuilt voice assist.
This is a product I would recommend for every car driver because it’s quick to set up, easy to follow and does the job perfectly.

 I was sent the Garmin Nuvi 50 for the purpose of this review.
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