Love The Little Things #7


My husband is working late a couple of nights this week so I am doing the bedtime routine. I promised the boys a book and we sat in Harry's room and I chose 'Norman, The Slug With a Silly Shell' to read. It's one of my favourite books and reminds me of when Charles went for his induction days at Reception as this is one of the books his teacher read to us.


We watched the Restaurant Man this week and really enjoyed it. It was episode 3 and although we watched episode 1 we somehow missed episode 2.
It's a really interesting and although I'm sure a lot of the customers at the restaurants are genuine and are probably friends and family and locals invited along due to filming it's great to see how the owners get to that finishing point.
We also went to the theatre on Sunday to see Punt and Dennis. It was quite good, Hugh Dennis was funny although it ended quite abruptly and not with the best joke.


A1...THE BEST BOYBAND EVER!!, are on this years Big Reunion. I cannot begin to tell you how excited that makes me. I loved every single one of their songs, I saw them at a Radio 1 concert on Great Yarmouth beach when I was 11 or 12, and then went to my first concert, without my parents, to see them in Ipswich when I was 13 or 14.
It's so fantastic listening to their songs again, being taken back to that time. When I was 15 life got hard thanks to my dad leaving and it was a really tough time. A lot of my friends let me down in a big way around this time and I got depression, I spent a lot of time by myself which I was happy with, and A1's albums were some of ones that helped me through and kept my mind busy and distracted, and kept me happy.


I'm trying to be healthier as I need to lose a stupid amount of weight so I'm making a lot of changes to my diet. I'm doing a lot of calorie counting and changing from sandwiches to wraps, cutting out carbs with some meals and instead adding more potatoes. I have no idea if I am doing things right and need to really write myself a plan and to note things down more.
One of my favourite things to eat this week was a beetroot and mozzarella wrap. I weighed the mozzarella so I knew I wasn't really overdoing the calories. It was beautiful.


I have absolutely no willpower at all and this week bought 2 shirts, 2 dresses and a scarf in the Joules sale.
I have this dress in 4 of the 5 styles now. I am desperately stopping myself from buying the duck design, which I see is now down to £29.95 too....the only thing that was stopping me before is that it was £49.95.

And lastly...

Charles' school had a share morning this week where parents could go in and see what the children have been learning. Each share morning, which happens once a month, is supposed to be themed but I think they've relaxed this and rather than it being about Maths it was about Super Heroes, which they've been learning about this week.
We got to make a Super Hero cape, a mask, some Super Hero underpants and complete some Super Hero tasks in the school hall. It was lovely to be able to do that and to spend that time with Charles.
Whilst I was there my mum took Harry to the playgroup we have started going to.
He came home with his first Valentines Card. It's not addressed to anybody but still, it's beautiful.

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