Love The Little Things #8


Two things this week stand out for me. First being the books from my Stress Control class.
Secondly, I realised at 1 o clock Thursday morning that I can do Google Image searches on my phone by clicking on any photo/image to see if it's been used elsewhere. I searched my blog header just to be curious and found this.
I was featured in an article in Velvet Magazine, a Premier Lifestyle magazine for Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket, Saffron Walden, and Ely. It's called The Rise of the Blogger, I had no idea I was featured until I Googled, it was a lovely surprise.


Oh my goodness. On Thursday night we accidently bought a film from Sky Store, it was one I've wanted to watch since it was announced that it was going to be released in the cinema.
Captain Phillips.
I'm so so amazed by everything. The story, the acting especially. Oh, just too much to say. I didn't expect to cry so much. Right from when the pirates caught up with the ship, tears were flowing.
Tom Hanks needs an award. He is amazing.
Amazing amazing amazing.


Ok, firstly, how late am I to the London Grammar party?! Amazing.
Secondly, Disclosure, did not realise they are SO young!
Highlight of this week was hearing Naughty Boy LaLaLa on KISS. I love this song so much, SO much. It will always remind me of Harry. It was his first favourite song and for a while we had to listen to it all the time and watch the video all the time on my phone and Kindle.
He hadn't heard it for a while but when it came on his did his usual OTT gasp and shouted "my favwit sooooong, my favwit soooong".


I slipped slightly on my healthy eating but one of the best things I've eaten this week is a crumpet with phili light, red pepper, avocado, and beetroot. It was really lovely, although Charles decided to steal a some of my avocado and requested a similar for his dinner (this was my lunch). He ate his avocado quicker than I thought he would, I must buy it again for him!


After rediscovering this necklace again a couple of weeks ago I haven't taken it off. I was sent it to review 2 years ago and adore it.

And lastly...

We went to BeWILDerwood last Sunday and had such a fantastic day. A lot of the smiles on my face were down to seeing Charles in his super adorable Joules coat (review coming later today)

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