Love The Little Things #9


I'm trying to make more of an effort with my time when it comes to Charles' reading. It's hard when Harry is around as he wants to help and "read" too so I'm stealing 10 minutes every night now for Charles to read his school book to me. 
On Wednesday he read his 8 page book (one line per page) in less then 2 minutes. I was seriously impressed. 


Our television seems to be taken over by Mickey Mouse at the moment, the boys are obsessed! I have to bed them to watch Cars or Monsters Inc, normally on the promise that once it's finished I'll put Mickey on again.


I had one of the music channels on as I cleaned this week and Harry came down from his nap as the voiceover was previewing songs coming up. He went crazy at one song and once it came on I realised it was Sam Smith. I knew the song but didn't know who sung it, except Harry seemed to recognise that it is the same man who sings on Naughty Boy's La La La (Harry's favourite song). Which I thought was rather impressive for a 2 year old.
We watched the video on my phone a few times and then started singing it later on, at which point Charles joined in, I didn't even know that he knew the words.
This now seems to be our own theme tune as we can't stop singing it.
Sam Smith is very talented.


After school on Wednesday I made Cornflake Cakes with the boys. Harry just sat eating all the marshmallows but Charles was really good at helped. They taste lovely.
I also started to make a scrapbook with Harry this week (which is for a future blog post). He got a bit fed up after a while but I enjoyed it whilst it lasted.


And lastly...

I wrote a post about what I learnt at Stress Control Class this week. We looked at Fight or Flight which was really interesting, and made me think a lot about myself and how I cope and react with a lot of things.

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