Shopping at Local Baby Boutiques

When I was pregnant with Charles my list of baby items to buy was so long I didn't really know where to start. Not only was I confused with quantities of baby gros, sleepsuits and scratch mittens, but also when was was the best time to order the pushchair, and what kind of base should I get for a Moses Basket.

With a few stores to go to for advice I decided on a little baby boutique in our local high street.

I've always been a fan of buying local and going to the high street if I can, for a number of reasons.
Not only does it create jobs for the town, but it's also a building that without those businesses, would remain empty. I find it heartbreaking walking along a high street or town centre and seeing windows boarded up and evidence of businesses that no longer survive. So knowing I can help to keep those businesses going, and maybe to attract other customers to those shops, makes me feel happy and positive about my town.

The personal touch when it comes to customer services. Shops such as local baby boutiques can be more personal with their sales approach and with their customer care. They want you in their store, they want to help and they want to sell you an item. They also want you to go back, and to tell your friends.
The one on one advice is priceless.

Local shops tend to stock local products. This is another reason why I love shopping on the high street. From clothing to furniture to nursery accessories such as bunting or similar there's a wide range of items available to buy from most local stores.
Local businesses respond quickly to the needs of local customers, stocking products to meet the changing population needs.

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