What Is Love?

Apparently "what is love?" was the most searched phrase on Google in 2012. I know that this is a question that, when asked, we really need to think about. The answer is different for everyone, because we all experience love in different ways. There are also different kinds of love, the love I have for my husband is completely different to the love I have for my children, and that love is completely different to the love I have for my mum and my brother.

I think when you are in a relationship there is a moment when you stand back and have a "woah" moment. When you are trying to realise whether or not that feeling you have is love, or lust, or something else.

I thought it would be interesting to ask some other bloggers what they think about love and how they think you know when you're in love. I wanted to see how different or similar the answers would be. I'm delighted with the results.

Lucy | Capture By Lucy

Love is having roots so deep that however far apart life may take you, you will always be tied to one another. Richard and I met at school at 16, at anyone time in our relationship we can feel love for each other as husband and wife, best friends and siblings. We have grown up together, had all the major life firsts together. Firsts and hopefully lasts, as a happily married old couple. We want to grow old together. That’s what love is to me.

Kirsty | My Two Mums

Love is finding someone who fires up the light in your eyes.

Morgana| But Why Mummy Why

"Love is a force that's powerful and strange" according to a lyric from the Disney Frozen soundtrack. When my 6 year old heard this part of the song this morning she asked me whether it was true. I replied that I thought it was, as no one can really explain love, not fully. It's something that on one hand is so magical and wonderful but on the other is so practical and real that you can't do without it.

Charlotte| Write Like No Ones Watching

Love is everything. It's the way they look when they sleep. The way his hand finds the small of your back. It's a favourite song on the radio. It's the way a smell reminds you of no one else but that person. It's the memories you make. It's the tears you cry. It's the laughter that hurts. It's hidden in kisses. It's whispers in the dark. It's finishing sentences. It's the feel your children's hands in yours. It's the sunshine on rainy days. It's stolen glances. It's support. It's understanding. It's knowing that, no matter what happens, no matter what comes your way, you know your heart will find theirs. Love is everything. At least to me.

Jess| Along Came Cherry

Love is ... a little bit scary. You have to be vulnerable and learn to open up. If you have been hurt in the past then that can be especially difficult, but the reward is so worth it. To know that you have a partner to share your life with is special and the more you invest into it, the more you will receive back. Oh and love is also picking up dirty socks off the bathroom floor without saying anything.

 Alice| An Essex Wife

Love is....knowing his jokes will still make you laugh when you're 80

Katie| Mummy Daddy Me

I think you know you're in love when you start to imagine a future with that person and start to make plans. And when there is no where else you would rather be. It's also about accepting someone for their flaws and still wanting to be with them. The butterflies, and romantic gestures they are all well and good, but I think ultimately that's when you know you are in love.

Clara | My Two Mums

You know you're in love when even the thought of them makes you tingle, and you feel comfortable in your own skin with them.

 Hayley | Shutterflies

You know you're in love when you love them so much, you need them in your life, even if it was just as a friend.

Kara| Innocent Charms Chats

I knew I was in love with my Husband when I realised that I did not want to spend one day without him.
I know that even when our kids are grown and gone, my days shall be perfect as we will be enjoying them together.

Lucy| Dear Beautiful

You know you're in love when things happen in your life (be it sad or happy), that person is the first person you want to be with and talk to about it.

And for added cute factor, this is how some children answered to "What is love?" 

Charles | Real Housewife of Suffolk County

Love is beautiful

Harry | Real Housewife of Suffolk County

Love is mummy

Mads| Mummy Daddy Me

Love is when you give a cuddle.

Sammy | Capture by Lucy

Love is when you always want to say I love you forever and ever again.

Monkey | My Two Mums

Love is Mummy and Mama.

Bevan | Sunshine | Shutterflies

Love is getting married, giving them a ring and loads of hugs and share your stuff.
Love is kiss Saffy. [their dog]

  Thank you to the Bloggers who got involved with this.

Happy Valentines Day

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