World Book Day with Miles Kelly.

World Book Day is coming up on March 6th and is celebrating it's 17th year. World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and a celebration of reading. It is recognised in over 100 countries.

To celebrate Miles Kelly arranged a "secret Santa" style campaign with myself and 25 other bloggers. We were each given the name of another blogger and selected a book to send onto them.

We were sent a 'Children's Atlas of the World', which we were delighted with. Charles especially is really interested in our planet, different countries, learning about places we've visited as a family or that I holidayed as a child and then with my husband.
Learning about oceans, rivers, deserts, Capital Cities, currencies, languages has been really fun and interesting. It's not just a great way for the children to learn but for us to learn as a family too.

This shows that it's not just about reading stories to your child. Sitting down at bedtime and turning the pages of an Atlas can be just as satisfying, sharing those moments together, choosing which places you want to visit in the future....and which ones you don't.
There's something that extra bit special about sitting under a duvet, or in a den, reading about the world, something that looking on the internet can't give you.

Will you be celebrating World Book Day with your family? Reading your favourite book at bedtime? Creating a reading den perhaps?

We were sent this book as part of the Miles Kelly "Secret Santa" World Book Day campaign.
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