Zippo Candle Lighter | Review

I have always been into candles. As a teenager when I had free reign over my bedroom decoration and accessories candles would also feature somewhere.
For my birthday last year I was treated to a set of Yankee Candles, and a beautiful Wax Lyrical candle in a glass jar. Then for Christmas, Yankee Candles again including a big 566g Christmas Eve candle in a big glass jar.

I actually hate matches, and small lighters. I am a wimp and if I do have to use a match I will make sure I've used it as soon as possible. My husband could light 4 candles with one match, not me, I'm a one match per candle kind of gal.
As much as I loved my Christmas Eve Candle it became a little difficult to light as the wax melted and the wick was further down the jar. Matches couldn't reach to the bottom so for a while I couldn't use the candle at all.
Then along came the Zippo Mini MPL Cabernet Butane Candle Lighter and it is brilliant!

The Zippo Candle Lighter is available in 4 different colours, Brushed Chrome, Harvest Bronze, Champagne and Candy Apple Red, these colours make the lighter that little bit special and, I think, good enough to be given as a gift to any candle loving person.

The candle comes in a protective plastic case, which is great for keeping it hidden away and safe from inquisitive children.
The classic design features a patented child resistant safety lock button which releases and allows the ignition switch to engage, making it easy for adults to use, but not so easy for children.

I think this would be a perfect gift for Valentines Day or even Mothers Day, along with a beautiful scented candle.

The Zippo Mini MPL Cabernet Butane Candle Lighter is priced at a reasonable £13.75 and is available to buy via the Zippo website.
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