At The Heath

I love living where we do. We're in the perfect location to explore both Norfolk and Suffolk. We do tend to stick to Norfolk more than Suffolk, just because it's a shorter distance really and this time is to increase with us holidaying, taking mini-breaks and days out on the Norfolk Broads this year.
I love exploring the local area, visiting parks, woods, beaches and so on. Which is what makes sailing all the more appealing as we get to discover more towns and villages (and pubs) in Norfolk.
Whilst the boat is out of the water, and with my husbands birthday celebrations, we explored Norwich a couple of weeks ago.
We had a table booked at one of our favourite restaurants but with the sun shining we decided to go for a walk before.
Our plans to visit a park came to a hault when we noticed amount of cars trying to get in, and out, and instead we headed for Mousehold Heath.
I've driven past a few times but never actually stopped for a walk and, oh my, it's beautiful.
The atmosphere was wonderful, the sun was shining, occasionally a family would walk past with their dog/s (we seemed to be the only family without a dog), the leaves were still orange and crisp at our feet.
It was the perfect place for the boys to explore as they searched for a cave and chased after some butterflies.

The walk ended in the most lovely way possible. The boys walking off, holding hands, in their sunglasses with the following conversation:
Charles: "Harry, do I look cool?"
Harry: "'es, I look coooool?"
Charles: "Yes, do I still look cool?
Harry: "'es, I still look cooool?"
and so on and so on.

And they certainly did.

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