Love The Little Things #10


This week we recieved Charles' first school report. We are so happy with his learning and are so so proud, as is his teacher.
She made a comment about his confidence, it was something they added as a "need to work on" when he started at the school as he was quite shy talking to the class, I think he gets worried of not being noticed or being talked over, but she said she is AMAZED by the change in his confidence.
I also bought a Roald Dahl joke book for Charles' friends birthday which is quite good.


Turbo over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And cars. And Turbo.


Listening to KISS this week I heard Haddaway, What is Love? I adore this song. It reminds me of Summer and in particular our first holiday abroad to Gran Canaria in 1992/1993.


Chips in a tortilla wrap. Lower calories than a chip butty but oooooooh so tasty.


My new make up. I completed a Cbias assignment this week which involved me shopping at Boots for cosmetics. Tough job hey?! I'm particularly fond of the Rimmel Colour Rush balm.

And lastly...

We've been visiting the beach again recently. It's been lovely just spending an hour or so throwing stones in the water, running around in the stones and running away from the sea, making marks in the wet sand.
We're meeting Charles and Harry's friends down there tomorrow for an hour or so too, so fingers crossed the weather stays nice!

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