Love The Little Things #12


The news. This whole missing plane thing is just bizarre and I find it really interesting. I guess we'd all love it if they were found on an island, alive but by the looks of things with the last update they may have found it in the Indian Ocean.


This week Harry is obsessed with Wall-E. I've only seen bits and pieces of it and at first wasn't too keen but I'm quite taken to it now.
We also went along to Charles' class assembly. It was so so so adorable. Just listening to their cute little squeeky voices as they told us the story of the 3 Little Pigs and sang some cute little songs made me well up a little.
Harry came along with me, and I anticipated him making a fuss and wanting to be with his brother. Instead he sat really well, with sunglasses on, and watched his brother.


After a tough time recently I went back to my usual music choices being Ricky Martin and other Latino songs. I desperately craved summer and the need to get out my Latin Fever cd.
This song is one of my all time favourites. Me and my mum love it and danced to it when we went to Salsa classes a few years ago. I got it played at my wedding reception so we could dance together but someone else grabbed her so I danced alone.


Last Saturday I pigged out on chocolate and marshmallow pancakes. Oh my goodness. So yummy but I felt so sick afterwards. Definitely not a great idea to eat loads of those once you've just recovered from a sickness bug.
I also made pancakes for the boys on Tuesday. Best mummy ever points awarded to me.
I've always been rubbish at making pancakes but now know how to make the mixture properly and have a WONDERFUL new pan so I'm a bit obsessed with making them.


Make up, for the first time in over a week.

And lastly...

How cute are these tins? I reviewed some beautiful cake tins which we will use for the boat and I couldn't resist then hunting for these tall tins to match.

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